Giving The People What I Want

Dear Be the Boy Readers,

We need to have a talk…about us and where this is going.

Yesterday we discussed how this blog has changed as my life I has changed. I appreciate everyone’s feedback, positive and…less positive, as I’ve always said; agreeing with me is not required. OF COURSE the tone has changed here, I’ve had a major life change…getting married is up there with having a baby or meeting JustJenn; it effects everything in your life and the writing here has reflected that. Rest assured dear reader I’m still the same jerk I’ve always been, the best part about The Slackmistress is that I haven’t had to change a thing about myself. My life is a series of ridiculous events interrupted by occasional bad days, I still do all the same things and see the same people the only difference is that I’m seeing the bad days as temporary roadblocks instead of immovable objects, this is a good thing.

Now this part is for the women reading, I want to say something but you have to promise you won’t get mad.



I think you’ve changed too. How do I know? It’s easy; I can’t see your boobs anymore. During the time I have kept this blog there have been a few things I could count on:

1- There will always be a Fuckpants
2- Sooner or later a robot or midget will be mentioned in a post
3- Someone would email me unsolicited scandalous photos

Of these three the last one came as a surprise, one day some kind female reader sent me a picture that showed a little something. Then a few weeks later someone showed some more and then another etc…. I never asked for them but I never complained, it was like a secret lottery that paid off in naughty pictures and I had won it. However since announcing that The Slackmistress and I were together I ain’t seen a damn thing from any of you (I realize that this is part of a secret girl code that says “don’t send the dirty bits to someone with a girlfriend” after all in the past when I have been involved the surprise mailings also stopped). Of course I’m not complaining after all I’m plenty occupied at home, I’m just pointing out the fact that my life changes are OUR life changes and I love you just the same. I’m going to keep doing my thing here and I promise that there will be plenty of stories about robots, misadventures and things I learned the hard way, this is just part of the adventure.

Are we OK?



P.S. – Just to make sure you know I still love you I’ve cranked up the Way Back Machine to tell a story.

When I was in college I found myself mired in some late teen angst and was shown some remarkable kindness by a member of the faculty up to and including being able to visit her at home. One of these visits included an overnight stay where I was taught some lessons not covered in the course syllabus. About a year later I was hanging out with a friend at another college and was introduced to one of his friends. We started talking and he asked me where I went to school, I told him and he said:

“My mom teaches there!”
– “Umm really…what’s you last name.”

He told me his last name, and you’ve no doubt guessed who his mother was. He asked:

“Have you had her?”
-“No, never met her…and I have to go home now”.


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