Making the Grade

This was the weekend I spent meeting the Slackmistress’ parents and it went well (she wrote about Friday night’s dinner here) despite the fact that I had to skip Saturday’s meeting because I was sick. While stayed home on Saturday The Slack went to lunch with her parents and came back with some news from her father, there was going to be a test and not just any test.

Have you ever seen Diner? In the movie, Eddie Simmons (played by the immortal Steve Guttenberg) won’t marry a girl unless she can pass his test about the Baltimore Colts. Along those lines, before Slackdad would allow me to marry his daughter I was going to have to pass a similar test and while it was not going to be about the Colts I was a little nervous because it was going to lean heavily towards Chicago sports. Luckily I was able to name the top 3 Bears linebackers of all time and comment on the 1969 Cubs. When it came time to the opinion questions I wasn’t afraid to share mine, even the opinion was that Mike Ditka was overrated and preferring Emmit Smith over Walter Payton. When all was said and done I scored a solid B+ to A-, I’ll take that.

Now that I have been given the all clear I’m wondering something. If I were going to quiz the potential spouse of a friend or loved one what would I want to ask about? I think I’d want to ask the following:

1- Get a Life starring Chris Elliot, great TV show or greatest TV show?
2- Top 3 starters in your all time Mets starting rotation?
3- Hottest TV mom ever?

What would you want to ask the potential spouse of a friend, loved or even your own potential partner?


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