Goodnight Tulsa

One thing I enjoy doing when I’m in an unfamiliar city is looking through the phone book to find people with the same first and last name as me and asking how being a Will S. (my last name has more than one letter) is working out for them. Here in Tulsa I was unable to find someone with the same name as me so I was unable to make the call. The Will S. I spoke to in Boston a few years ago says that being a Will S. has been pretty cool although he was hoping for more trampolines. I told him I felt the same way and I hoped he’d invite me over for dinner with his family but either he had no family or his house was messy because he didn’t ask. I’m sure that if there was a Will S. in Tulsa he would have invited me over and let me jump on his trampoline.

Today is my last day in this town and I am sad to leave without ever getting to The Snooty Fox for dinner but there’s always next time. Tonight when I get home I’ll be meeting The Slackmistress’ parents for the first time, I’m nervous but I’ll probably be too tired to do anything stupid and I’ll be sure to score some Tulsa swag on the way out of town to try and impress them.


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