Who Needs Continuity?

I can not be bothered with transitions today; there is far too much basketball to watch, work to get done and poker to play. So it is random day here at Be the Boy.

And you thought pee pee in your Coke was bad –
Have you ever wondered what they think of your blog in China? Me neither, but it turns out that they probably can’t even read it due to China’s strict censorship guidelines. Go to greatfirewallofchina.org/test to see if your favorite sites are blocked. This seems unfair; I read somewhere that there are literally thousands of people in China and they are being deprived of the chance to read about me.

Pick a name-
Someone said that the picture below looked like a movie poster. If so, what should that movie be called?

I would call it “Mr. Boy Wins the Girl Lottery” or “Miracle on Ice”. Please suggest others if you can (extra points for porno sounding titles).

To Do List – With 8 weeks of bachelorhood left I need to make sure I get all the single guy-ness out of my system but I really can’t think of anything I NEED to do. I think I’ve done most everything a single guy could hope for, besides married life for me won’t be much different from my life right now. I know that every married person reading this just laughed at that last sentence but I don’t think we’ll change much. Should you notice a sharp decline in talk of robots and lazy eyed midgets on this blog post wedding please feel free to call me out on it.

Finally –
Still no luck finding robots to use as wedding toppers; any suggestions?


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