Notes From The Office of Be The Boy

1 – For several weekends in a row I have managed to take a perfectly good two days off and throw a monkey wrench into it. I’m not literally throwing anything because I don’t own a monkey wrench or a monkey that needs fixing, but I have managed to miss part of the past 4 weekends due to sickness and/or stupidity. I was determined this past weekend to not repeat these mistakes but after getting through all of the first day it was pointed out that this weekend only had 47 hours in it so no matter what I did it would not count. Damn daylight saving time.

2 – I have business travel coming up next week. For obvious reasons I never discuss job specifics however my travels will take me somewhere I’ve never been and I want to know what there is to do and where I should eat etc… I can’t say the name but I can give hints:

-Everyone I have ever met from this city has been a good person.
-It is mentioned in the Huey Lewis & the News* song “Heart of Rock and Roll”
-It starts with a T and rhymes with ULSA

If you can decipher these clues and know what I can do in this city next week please let me know. You can email me at betheboy @ gmail. com or tell me in the comments.

3 – You should read this…really go ahead and read it.

4 – Someone complained to me that The Slackmistress/Be the Boy Wedding Registry had too many DVD’s and games and not enough “Real Registry Stuff”. After careful consideration the missus and I have decided that we like it the way it is. As we have said before, we don’t need anything for the kitchen, bath etc… People asked us what we wanted and that is the list we came up with, wind up robots and all.

5 – We get married in less than two months.

* Musical fact for you: On Elvis Costello’s first album “My Aim is True” he was backed by a band called Clover, a bar band from San Francisco that headed to the UK in the mid 1976 at the urging of Nick Lowe, to try and make a name for itself. While they didn’t achieve fame they were hired by Nick Lowe to serve as studio backup band for the My Aim is True sessions, they did this minus their singer of course. After releasing two albums of their own that didn’t find an audience Clover split up and the members went back to The States but it wasn’t long before most of them reformed as Huey Lewis and the News. Just think of it next time you hear Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes or Allison…that’s Elvis Costello and the News.


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