Lists By Request

The good lady Kali has asked me to talk about those almost moments in my life. There haven’t been too many since I tend to do things all out or not at all but there are a few, many of which have appeared here before, wherever possible I have linked to the story…

I almost asked a midget out on a date once
I almost won a lot of money
I almost got married once before
I almost never posted this letter
I almost didn’t see that Kali asked me to do this

Kali is not the only one asking me things, luckily I don’t mind be asked things. Someone emailed me yesterday to ask me what my 15 favorite rock bands ever were and I was going to avoid answering it but then I decided what the hell. It’s my list so of course it’s completely subjective and if you ask me again in six months the list will be different but I’ll give it a shot. I’m setting the following guidelines: 1) The Beatles, Rolling Stones are ineligible as they are automatics on 99% of these lists 2) Since I was asked to name BANDS, solo artists like Bob Dylan and acts listed as Someone and the…(E.C. and the Attractions) etc…are not included. Without further ado here it is:

The Highly Subjective Be the Boy 15 Favorite Rock Bands Ever as of March 9, 2007

The Replacements – My go to favorite band ever, not the best just my favorite.

The Stooges – As the hippies devolved into self parody The Stooges showed up from Ann Arbor to tear rock and roll to shreds and rebuild it with a backbone.

The Clash – Don’t argue with me on this one.

The Velvet Underground – Needs no explanation, my indie cred would be revoked if I left them off.

Big Star – See VU description above.

The Kinks – The most underrated and most British of the British Invasion acts, look past the early singles and check out the 1970’s stuff.

Devo – So much more than just Whip It and that Wall Mart commercial trust me on this.

Husker Du –Possibly the hardest rocking trio ever.

The Minutemen – If not Husker, then these guys.

The Band – You may not realize it but the most American sounding band of the 60’s and 70’s was mostly Canadian.

New York Dolls – Again, maybe not the best but a favorite.

Suicide – The inspiration for most 80’s new wave electronica but don’t hold that against them

Television – Only one great album, but it’s a really great one.

Beasts of Bourbon – The most dangerous thing to ever come out of Australia.

The Maids – They get points for efficiency, they released a grand total of two songs both which rock my face off.

As an added bonus, I give you a song from all 15 bands PLUS…both songs recorded by The Maids. That’s 16 songs for you click on the links below to download a .ZIP file of goodness.

Rock Yer Face Off Part 1

Rock Yer Face Off Part 2

(Let me know if you have any problems with the downloads.)

So, if you like these I’m happy and if you don’t I encourage you to make your own list.


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