The Best Idea I Have Ever Had

Let me re-introduce you to JustJenn, she appears here from time to time because she is great…like a cake made of awesome. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks she is great because recently another blogger began lifting copy directly from JustJenn and posting it as their own, that is obviously a no-no but really can you blame them? Wouldn’t we all like to be funny, a whiz in the kitchen, and the head of a growing greeting card empire? Of course we would.

This makes me wonder…why doesn’t anyone else want to Be the Boy? While I’m not a fan of plagiarism I’m honestly disappointed that no one has ever tried to co-opt my identity. This brings me to an idea, one of my many excellent ideas…franchising myself. Think about it, in the early days of television popular children’s entertainment stars were franchised regionally so that there were several nationwide that were on TV and made promotional appearances at stores, schools etc…This tradition continued later with Romper Room which was also regionally franchised so the kids in the Magic Mirror in New York were not the same as in Wisconsin. Franchising is popular in the fast food and service industries as well.

I think it’s time that I got in on this action and opened up Be the Boy franchises across the country. For a fee, you can become a regional Be the Boy and you will get:

1 – Rights to my life story. Have you ever been at a party and not had a retard dating story to tell? Now you can have one and many more.

2 – Copies of all of the records I own.

3 – Use of all the patented Be the Boy moves to help you score your very own Slackmistress.

4 – Several wind up robots and your very own hobos.

5 – A certificate signed by Dad of Boy, suitable for framing.

And much, much more! Soon you too can begin blogging your own Be the Boy adventures and enjoying all of the perks of being me. I’m pretty certain that this is going to be the biggest thing since ever. Interested parties can contact me at betheboy @


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