Lets Build a Car

I’ve gotten lost a lot lately but you’d never know it since I’m not going anywhere. Instead of lost in space I’m lost in thought. It’s not unusual to think a lot when preparing to take a life changing step like getting married or telling the bacon to move over for Sizzle-Lean but the problem is that I don’t understand the reason why it’s happening. One minute I’m putting up shelves and hanging robot hooks and the next I’m thinking back to the past.

It’s 1998 and I’m still living in New York, I’m not yet 24, I’ve got job and a girlfriend. My only concern is sobering up in time to get to work and I manage to handle that fairly well. I don’t know that in a year I’ll be living across the country.

It’s 2000 and I’m betting it all on the Pop Culture question.

It’s 2003 and I’m realizing that I just let a crazy person in the door.

It’s 2006 and I’m on my way to meet a girl and while I KNOW that I have no chance with her I have to go anyway.

After a few minutes I snap back to the present and wonder why I keep taking these trips backwards. I don’t think there’s any harm in it but it makes it hard to just relax sometimes, like there’s a constant, cacophonous melody playing in my head at the highest possible volume. It’s like having a Swell Maps* album playing in my brain at all hours.

What does the inside of your head sound like?

*To avoid confusion like yesterdays Stooges mix up, The Swell Maps were a band formed in the 70’s in the UK by brothers Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks, they are the woefully unheralded musical ancestors of noise experimenters like Sonic Youth in the 80’s and later Pavement. Plus they had awesome stage names, Epic Soundtracks, come on, how do you beat that?

Read more about the Swell Maps here, and here are two classic Swell Maps songs (click on the links below to download).

Swell Maps –Spitfire Parade

Swell Maps – Full Moon in My Pocket

Buy The Swell Maps records at Amazon.


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