And another thing, get off my lawn!

Last week I put my old cell phone out to pasture for a swank new model, complete with bluetooth, video on demand and a deep fryer. I’m very excited to get it but I can’t stand the built in ringtones, In the eight years that I’ve had cell phone service I’ve never had anything but the standard ringtone. I heard the kids with the fancy disco duck ringtones but surely I would never get one I thought to myself. In my head I continued; “After all I have very discerning musical tastes and no cell phone provider could possibly have something cool enough for me” right?

Just for fun I decided to check and see what the people at Verizon had to offer. I wanted to go with something time tested but also offensive and so I started searching, to my surprise I found one in 30 seconds…The Stooges – Loose now I could hear Iggy and the rest of the Stooges every time someone calls me but if I did pick that song I’d feel bad when family called. I don’t want that song in my head before talking to my grandmother so I searched for more old school underground rock and they had tons of it; Devo, Television, The Replacements were all represented and lots more. I’m now going to have to buy dozens of tones.

For reference purposes only you can download The Stooges* “Loose” by clicking the link below although I’m surprised you don’t already own it.

The Stooges – Loose mp3

*I’m talking about THE Stooges, NOT The 3 Stooges.


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