Letdown Easy

On Friday morning before leaving for work I made promises to the still sleepy girl in bed. I promised an epic weekend, the kind of weekend a girl gets when she has spent the previous week painting and moving of furniture while I was at work. This weekend I promised it was going to be nothing but good times and she wouldn’t have to lift a finger, but I only kept half of that promise. You see, while there was no painting or furniture moving done the epic good times did not happen because we both spent the weekend very sick with the flu. I now owe her EXTRA EPIC good times next weekend.

Despite us both feeling awful we tried our best to laugh but the cold medicine mixed with pancakes and my new daily supplements of Children’s Gummi Vitamins makes it hard to tell if we were having fun or were just retarded. Well have to revisit the discussions once we both feel better.

Of course, man can not live on pancakes and gummi vitamins alone, there’s also music. Unfortunately I’m at one of those points where I’m bored with everything I own music wise. I’m just not feeling inspired by much lately. I got a brief reprieve this morning when Captain’s Dead introduced me to Marnie Stern (check her out) but otherwise I’m not feeling it for anything lately. This is where you, the reader can step in to help me; what are you listening to, what can you recommend to me? New or old, well known or obscure I want to know.


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