Be The Boy Recommends

The body would love to blog but the brain just isn’t cooperating. Something to come later I’m sure. I’m going off to get a burrito but you should check out the following things that I’ve been reading; think of it as Be the Boy recommends. All recommendations come with a money back guarantee .

The Slackmistress has completed painting the apartment and does not reveal that I am lazy.

Boobs Radley exposes the man who exposes the men who expose themselves and also finds out that her house is haunted.

Over at The Sneeze a new bad word has been coined and made into a movie. You can make your own movie too.

Aquarium Drunkard
pays tribute to one of my favorite Big Star songs (plus go to his main page for some other great stuff, a music blog that is long on passion and short on pretension).

Finally, The Daily Randi plays Dress Up with Jesus.

P.S. JustJenn is the most awesome person in the history of awesome. The best person you know sucks compared to her.


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