Lots of People Drink Mineral Water

Several years ago I was having drinks in a bar down in Venice when a guy walks in wearing an Indigo Girls tee shirt. A drunken friend of mine yells “Nice Shirt” and I stop him from saying any more because in my mind and guy who goes out in public wearing a shirt like that is probably the toughest guy in town. Think about it, as a guy, you don’t do certain things unless you’re prepared to back up your choice with facts and then some ass kicking. In my book, a grown man in an Indigo Girls tee shirt should not be taken lightly. I won’t pretend I haven’t been there myself, while I’ve never worn an Indigo Girls tee (I don’t listen to them) I did once wear a particularly girly sweater to work one day, a decision I will defend to this day with logical arguments followed by fighting.

This morning I felt like I had the sweater on again.

I dropped my car off for some routine maintenance and The Slackmistress said I should just take her car to work. Excellent, thank you baby I appreciate it. There’s a catch though…have you ever seen her car?

There it is, in all its pink glory. Needless to say it stands out like a…like a pink Mini so as I’m driving to work people keep slowing down to get a look at what they expect to be a hot chick behind the wheel but instead they get me. I don’t care, I have music playing and traffic is light so when someone you’d expect to find at Hot Chicks with Douchebags pulls up next to me at a light and says “Nice gay car” I reply “You’re the one who just slowed down to check out a dude” and continue to work. I love my baby’s gay car, you got a problem with that?


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