Hardly Working For The Weekend

When Saturday came around I was ready to work. For several days my better half has been taking care of things at home while I work for the man, she works from home and can take time to make the place look nice but I feel like I need to do more to make the place ours so on Saturday I was ready to put a second coat of paint on the bedroom and whatever else needed to get done. After a few minutes of painting it’s clear that we will run out of paint before we finish, so the Slack offers to go to get more if I will keep working while she’s gone, I agree and she is off. About 10 minutes later I am not feeling well, I’m dizzy and nauseous and I need to stop…clearly I’m a big baby. The Slackmistress comes home to find me and the dog sleeping on the couch. Soon afterwards I get up and try again with the same results so, if you should ever come see our place and feel the need to comment on the lovely paint job in the bedroom, you can direct all of the kindness to the lady of the house.

I would like to point out that I did redeem myself on Sunday with a day of hard work moving furniture.

The weekend also held a surprise for us, courtesy of the SlackMom a.k.a. my soon to be mother in law. On Saturday while I was busy fainting from the paint fumes there was a special delivery dropped off at the door and inside we found the following:

Your eyes are not deceiving you, those are robot towels. I think I’m marrying into the right family.


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