Pretty Vacant Room – a rare angry post

The roommate has vacated the apartment for good but not before firing one last salvo of bullshit our way. It seems that over the weekend while he was moving out he decided to help himself to The Slackmistress’ wine and fine foods supply to the tune of about $300 worth of stuff and then take off. I called him so we could discuss it like men but he’s a pussy so he didn’t take return my calls. I don’t want to dwell on this because the asshole is gone for good, if he’s like his mail he’ll need to pony up some cash. Also he managed to get one last batch of craigslist ads posted which you can see here, here and here (Probably NSFW). Now I’m not saying you SHOULD respond to the ads from an anonymous email address advising him to pay me back for what he stole from me… but if you did and BCC’d me on the message I’d think you were pretty cool.

Anyway he’s gone, the locks have been changed and while I’d like to think he’s going to do the right thing I know it’s a lost cause. The Slackmistress and I will be fine and he will continue his downward spiral. He can either clean up his act and make amends to me someday or he can put a shotgun in his mouth and pull the trigger. I don’t really care which one he chooses, he’s dead to me already.


Last night I presented the evidence to the roommate about him taking stuff and he denied it. At noon today I checked my voice mail and he admitted it and offered a lame child like excuse, he also offered to pay us back. He was still indignant though like it was somehow my fault. I quoted a figure but I’m not holding my breath waiting for him to do the right thing. More details on our most recent exchange here.


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