On Friday The Slackmistress and I arrived in Vegas and immediately headed down to The Wedding Chapel at the Mandalay Bay in order to reserve our wedding date. Since deciding to get married we have discussed the plans for it a thousand times but in between the hotel room and the chapel it really sunk in…we’re getting married. In the few minutes it took us to take the elevator and walk across the casino floor an idea turned into reality. We were no longer discussing something abstract, it was real and there we we’re taking real steps to making it happen. I didn’t hesitate to tell her I was feeling nervous for the first time, and so was she. We stood in front took, a deep breath and went in.

A half hour later it was done, chapel and date booked, deposit left and papers signed. Afterwards we called the parents to let them know and then went off to celebrate the completion of step one.

It’s now Sunday night, we’re back home and the roommate moves out tomorrow, it’s been a stressful few weeks here but all of these troubles are temporary inconveniences, when it comes to the things that really count we are doing just fine.


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