Pick a Name

I believe that houses need names. When I was about seven my brother and I called the house across the street “The Bad Man House” because of the time he yelled at us for drawing pictures on his car…stupid jerk.

I’m not drawing on cars as much nowadays but I still believe in house names and mine is no exception. For the past few years I’ve referred to my place as the Be the Boy World Headquarters and the neighbors referred to it as…”The House with the Crazy People” but now it needs a new name because the current one; “The Slackmistress and Mr. Boy Detective Agency, Be the Boy World Headquarters and SlackDen” is a lot to type each time I want to mention the place so I’m making a list and accepting suggestions for a new name…there may be prizes involved with this.

Suggested New Names for the House

House of No Retard Sex

The Old Skee Ball Factory

Hobo Junction

Waffle Hand-job Alley

Casa Roboto

For some of the names above you can click the link to read the story that inspired it, and if you need a visual there are photos linked in yesterdays post and a few from around the house below.


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