Genius Time

Let me make something clear, Boobs Radley is funny. She is funnier than me and you put together. We could all take hillarious pills until we die and never to be as funny as she is. She is the author of the funniest comment ever left here it read: “Watch out for the lazy eyed girl, she could be seeing someone on the side”. Also, she also supplies me with excellent ideas without even trying. Today’s brillant Radley idea: product placement at my wedding.

Now before you say “Hey Star Jones did that” remember there are significant diferences between she and I.

1 – People like me

2 – My spouse to be isn’t gay

3 – I’m not going shill for just any product

That last bit is important, the product being placed needs to uphold the high standards that you have come to expect from Be The Boy and be a product I actually use. With these standards in mind I have selected the following items.

Paper Cups – if you have read this blog at all you know why.

Wind Up Robots – Because they are awesome.

Bang Snaps – Also awesome and because of this story.

The paper cup, toy robot and bang snap industries will pay handsomely to be involved in an event like The Slackmistress and I getting married, I have yet to discuss this with her but I’m sure she’ll be into it although she may request diferent sponsors.


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