Ridiculous Bull

There are certain things I’m just awesome at, special skills that I am probably better than anyone else at, my own personal superpowers. Fortunately for the evil doers of the world my powers are relegated to things like remembering commercial jingles, ability to recall everything I read, and not having correct change. These skills serve me well but do little for the public at large so I’m less popular that the other superheroes like Superman or The Phantom Ball Kicker (He is invisible and uses that skill to kick evil scientists in the groin) but I do have one other skill that quietly helps everyone; I rarely ever lose my temper, you’ll never see me throwing a fit or getting into a fight. I would add this power to my list but it is being severely tested at the moment and I’m not sure that it’s going to hold for me. You see, I’m very, very angry and about to take drastic measures.

Let me step back a second here, for years there were two ways to get me to lose my temper

1) Bother the girl I was with


2) Hand me a bad beat at poker

I learned to deal with the second one though so for a long time now the only way to get me to blow my top is to harass my lady friend. Well the fact that I’m blogging about this means that there has been an item added to the list. Now, people looking to make me very, very angry have two choices, the girl thing or take advantage of my generosity.

As many of you know I have had a roommate for a few months, decent guy dependable and I like him. When The Slackmistress and I decided to move in together and get married I did not enjoy telling him that he needed to move out but I did, on January 5th and made sure he knew it was nothing personal but my life had changed. After breaking the news I gave him carte blanche at my place especially when it came to the use of my PC for apartment hunting. Well my PC has been used but rather than searching for apartments he’s searching for…lets call it “companions” to join him at MY HOUSE while I’m out. Now I’m not a moralist but I’m just not comfortable with someone inviting complete strangers, tranny hookers and crazy people into the house that I am about to move my soon to be wife into. I know that they were invited to my house because they didn’t have the common sense to clear their Craigslist posting out of the history on the computer. Fuck anyone you want, but not in my house because when he’s gone they are going to come looking for him at my place.

Now even after that, I understood that the guy is in a spot so last night I said, without bringing up the posts that I needed them get a new place fast and they said sure, no problem….on it. But this morning a search of the internets simply shows more Craigslist ads telling the crazies of the world to come on down and party. My patience is out, I am seething with anger and this is not only inconvenient to me but also disrespectful. I’m trying really hard not to lose my cool, not to blow up, and not to set their things on fire but I’m really close. They can prevent this by simply doing the right thing, and get out of my way it’s best for everyone that way.

Am I overreacting here?

Do you have a superpower, if so what is it?


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