To The Hills…or the Valley

This morning the Be The Boy headquarters have moved to our northern annex office also known as my girlfriend’s house. The fact that I am at her place rather than at work today may seem like a good thing and trust me it is good (there’s already been twice the ass slappin‘ I’d be giving in the office) but the reason why I’m here today isn’t great. Last night my poor old car’s transmission finally gave out, after a long and brave fight against high mileage.

When the car came to a sputtering and sad stop last night I didn’t know what to do. My family is too far away to help out, if my father were here he’d pull some strings and hook me up in a second. I considered calling my neighbor but then I imagined our conversation:

“Hey It’s Will, I’m stranded. Tranny problems”
– “Oh yeah I know what that’s like, one stole my wallet at a gangbang
“”I meant my transmission…and I have to go now”

In reality there was only one option and so I called her. What my Slackmistress may lacks in automotive knowledge she more than makes up for with smiles and reassuring words.

So, today I wait as my car gets looked at and try to figure out a way to pay for the repairs. I could really use a Christmas miracle about now, but I probably used my allotment of luck for the season last month.


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