Things I’ve Learned Somehow

Below are two pictures of me, one taken 4 years ago and one taken just the other day. I am wearing the same shirt and in the same room, standing in almost the exact same place. So what has changed in 4 years besides the color of the walls and the fact that I clearly have gained weight? I have learned a lot of new things, below the pics you’ll find a partial list.

If you know a story about making a fake vagina from a paper cup you probably should not blog it.

It’s always better to be honest upfront than to try and make yourself look good, dishonesty will come back to hurt you.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try; things don’t work out the way you hoped.

Saying sorry isn’t always enough.

A shotgun and a car isn’t always the best solution.

To trust my feelings, because when I know…I just know.

Married or w/ boyfriend = bad idea

Good things do happen to nice guys but you have to work at it.

When good things happen people will throw up when you blog it.

Opening car doors for her is overrated, but being on time is not.

To stop waiting for the disaster.

Now seriously why didn’t anyone tell me that I’ve gotten fat. Well my father told me, and the rest of my family but they always say mean things to me so I just thought it was in fun. I need to stop brushing my teeth with butter.


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