Getting Into The Spirit

On Tuesday I emailed my family to confirm that I wouldn’t be flying home for the Holidays at the end of the month. They probably suspected I wasn’t coming but I just wanted to make sure that they knew just in case they were waiting on me before making plans. I feel bad because I told my youngest sister that I’d be home and now I’m not making it, but times are tough and I’m poor these days so I hope she understands, she’s pretty wise for a 13 year old so she’ll probably be ok. If I can get through till the end of January I think that my finances will be much improved and I can plan a trip home again but until then I need to be careful with the spending. Staying here in Los Angeles for the holidays has its advantages; after all there is someone I’d like to spend time with here. There’s also the great week between Christmas and New Year’s Day when the terrible LA traffic subsides and the fact that it’s 70 degrees in the afternoons.

Since I won’t be going home to New York my father asked me if I’d like anything and other than a bag of money at my door I don’t need for anything so I just don’t know what to tell him, maybe something from the Eric Joyner Store. Honestly it doesn’t matter to me, I’ve never been one who puts importance on getting gifts but I think this may be because my mother is a notoriously bad gift giver. Every year on holidays and my birthday I get a weird assortment of hippie junk, found objects and vintage pin ups. By comparison my father does a very nice job, after all who sent me my coffee maker? My father did…say what you want about the guy but he’s never sent me anything that smelled like patchouli. It’s reasons like that why I still feel bad about the year my little brother and I stole all of the candy our mother had put in his Christmas stocking and replaced it with nails. At age 5 I was a little bastard, I’ve gotten better since then. I’ve changed my ways and now I’m a giver, just ask the homeless guys I gave booze and smokes to on Christmas Eve one year or the time I donated porn to the needy. I’m like the Salvation Army of vice and this year I need to find another questionable way of helping those less fortunate, maybe teaching needy kids to bet on sports or something else that teaches valuable life skills. If you have a better idea I’d like to hear it.


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