Last Post on Detectives for a While

Since I’ve been discussing my plans for a fake detective agency I have gotten comments and phone calls from actual people asking for help solving some of the world’s great mysteries and crimes. While I appreciate your interest and willingness to pay me I need to make one thing clear about the detective work of mine…actually doing detective work is not my top priority in fact it doesn’t even make the top five.

Here are the reasons, in order why there is a Be the Boy detective agency:

1- To impress a beautiful girl
2- To convince that girl to partner with me
3- So I can engage in witty banter with that girl
4- In order to throw fabulous parties with that girl
5- To use a typewriter and rotary phone
6- For taking stylishly noir photos
7- Detective work (time permitting)

So there you have it, I might do some casework but only if I’m not doing any of the other things. So you can tell me all about your lost relatives, stolen diamonds etc…but I may not have a lot of time to do anything about it since I hope to be busy in private consultations with my partner.


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