Calling After Midnight

Life today, is good even if I’m back at work and it’s raining. I’ve been writing letters and waiting for the phone to ring. When the call came it was late at night and from somewhere far away. I would was told that they had been made aware of my offer and they were amused and a little intrigued.

“It’s not the worst offer I’ve gotten.”
-“I’ll settle for not the worst”
“Slow down Sam Spade, you’re not on the case yet, but maybe we can discuss this.”
-“You know the address doll.”
“Make sure there’s music.”
-“When are you…”
“I don’t know, maybe soon. Can you wait?”
-“As long as it takes”
“Just get the music ready”

So, I will do that, wait and make lists of songs in my head. For the moment these seem like good choices to start with. You can listen to them if you want. It’s like coming over to my house but better because I can’t make an awkward pass at you this way.

(Click on the songs to download if you want to hear)

Howlin Wolf – Howlin For My Darlin

Yo La Tengo – Did I Tell You

The Replacements – Valentine (Demo Version)

Bob Dylan – Baby, I’m In the Mood for You (Demo Version)

Frank Black & The Catholics – If it Takes All Night

The Maids – I Do, I Do


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