Every now and then I write something on this blog that I like a whole lot. When that happens I look it what I’ve written and wonder how it happened and why I can’t do it more often. Today’s post is not one of those memorable posts, it’s silly. But yesterday’s post felt right, I wish I could figure out a way to do that every day.

Until I figure it out again here is a picture of my weekend in call and response, the comment in the first half goes with the one with the same number below.

Things I Said to My Guests This Weekend

1-Will I get the ice back later?

2-They bought it in the 70’s for about $100,000

3- I’ve got a present for you.

4- Health, dental and kissing.

5- I’m not saying I would, but I just need to know in advance, could I?

What They Said To Me

1- Can I Borrow Some Ice?

2- You can’t even get a kiss from a whore for that money now.

3- Thanks for leaving a bag of porn at my door.

4- Does the job offer benefits?

5- Do you often ask about coma sex?


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